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Death of a Child – Enduring the Pain.

For some reason I have been scheduling two clients consistently on Tuesdays that are in therapy to work on bereavement of the death of a child.  If you ask me, that it two clients too many.

As difficult as these topics are to work with, I find immense strength in my clients as they work through the intense emotional pain they are experiencing.  I would not wish these events on anyone, but it is amazing how emotionally strong they are becoming as a result.

Suddenly, your powerful fears in life are no longer powerful.

You become confident in knowing you have endured one of the greatest pains imaginable.

We become anxious because we try to control things that we cannot control.  When we realize we CAN endure great emotional pain, the stress to have to control diminishes.  When the need to control diminishes, the anxiety begins to fade.  When the anxiety fades we are more accepting, free, and no longer bound by our circumstances.

My clients teach me again and again the resilience of humans.  Recognizing the great resilience of humans reminds me that I TOO, AM STRONG.

Before I became a therapist I would imagine horrible situations and think about how “I couldn’t go on if that ever happened to me.”  Often my clients express these same fears.

The gift of therapy has taught me that I can go on.  I watch my clients go on every day and their strength is contagious as I watch them realize that THEY can go on.  They ARE going on.  They are survivors.

The purpose of this post is to share hope.  To share that healing can occur. That people can survive and continue on and that the psychological symptoms do diminish.  Although it only happens with allowing yourself to FEEL the intense pain.  To work through the emotions.

It hurts
It feels unbearable

It can be done.  It is done.  My clients do it.  They give me hope that I could do it.  And hope that you can do it too.

This process is true for anything that one works on in therapy – not just the death of a child.  I’m using the death of a child as an example of the amazing healing and strength of human beings.

Reach out

Seek help

You can heal