Deep Breathing Exercise for Anxiety and PTSD

Deep Breathing exercise

Deep Breathing is a skill that helps your mind and body to relax by breathing correctly and focusing on your breath and not your mind. This skill is good for people struggling with anxiety and panic, PTSD and a variety of other psychological symptoms.

To do deep breathing, keep you shoulders still and imagine a balloon inside of your belly. Imagine sucking through a straw so that when you breathing IN your belly EXPANDS and when you breath OUT your belly DEFLATES.

Try practicing for a few minutes daily to work on reducing your overall anxiety level and work on teaching your body and mind how to calm and relax.

Deep breathing skill used in a variety of treatment modalities; but is especially a cornerstone of DBT which is an evidenced based treatment for mental health struggles. To learn more click here.

Watch this video for instruction on how to perform the skill of deep breathing.